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[春夏秋冬] ~ hello here

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I'm a 21year old girl who lives in Italy. I love a lot of things, first of all languages, expecially american english and japanese. I really love USA and Japan, despite they're two different places, whit different culture... i love them both. I'm a student, and i wish i can enter to college next year (yeah, a litte late, but, whatever).
I like graphics, photography, reading a lot (books and manga, obviously), and music. Music is part of my life like air, i guess. I cannot live without it. Every day, every hour (dark forces attempt to penetrate this walls...? LOL - i don't like HP. At all. Ok, i'm lying.) i sing -i'm not so in tune- or i listen something. Everything. Ok, not everything. I really hate italian music (you have no idea what kind of MESS is now here, with music, it sucks), dance music (i think there's some "nice" song, but that's all), and i don't really like melodic music. I like rock, classic and punk. I used to play piano when i was a little girl, and sometimes guitair too, so i grew up with that kind of music in my head. I really love Yiruma, Michael Nyman, Einaudi and Yann Tiersen. At the same time i have a passion for JMusic, like alice nine ♥ (i'm like a fangirl with them, you tell "alice nine" and i say "NYAAAAAAA~"), miyavi (not a BIG fan but i like his style, he really rocks), Olivia and Anna Tsuchiya, Kanon Wakeshima and sometimes i really enjoy Arashi, they're so cute!
Then, i love literally reading. Everything. From the basic like Dorian Gray to Harry Potter. I used to like Twilight. Well. Kill me. I mean, Breaking Dawn was disgusting and the movie is something i can't even say. But sometimes i like to make some icons about it. Just because i like the images (that's why you'll find a lot of icons on my journal, who doesn't really match with me. Just like the images, that's all).
All right. *yameteyo*. Enjoy my journal ♥

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